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I am very happy to announce that I am participating and cocurating the upcoming show YESSR4 Flesh Garden along with canadien gallery owner Guy Berube (La Petite Morte Gallery, Ottawa). We have included the work of 17 artists from South America and artists represented by LPM, from Canada, Iran, England and USA.

This exhibition is an opportunity to cross meet South/North America, where geographical
limits are exceeded by the visceral urge to create and meet. We expect our artists to chop limbs,scatter around organs, to take maximum advantage of multiple chromatic attributes of skin; here we can all be surgeons and butchers.

FLESH GARDEN will bring together artists from across the Americas to share the experience
of representing the body in the New World. Canadian artists will be presented in the context of
colleagues from the United States and South America in a travelling exhibition that will be
presented in galleries in the Sala +18 (Santiago, Chile), in Casa Brandon (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
and La Petite Morte Gallery (Ottawa, Canada).

FLESH GARDEN provides an opportunity for artists to collaborate with each other and to share
with gallery visitors their paintings, photographs and mixed media collages depicting social and
physical trauma. The images are linked through their shared exploration of corporeal extremes,
invoking the anomalous and the exotic, the dismembered and the disturbing. Collectively, the
figurative works visualize the external evidence of internal states of disintegration,disfigurement,
and dysmorphia.

Between the tangible reality of lived experience and the surreality of psychic hallucination, this
selection of artists in the Americas reflects their diverse responses to the terrain of the human
body as the impact point of the social body.

BUENOS AIRES @ Casa Brandon
March 15 – April 8th

SANTIAGO @ Sala +18
May 10th – June 3rd

OTTAWA @ La Petite Mort Gallery
July 6th – July 29th


Aleks Bartosik (Toronto, Canada)
Matthew Stradling (London, England)
Peter Shmelzer (Ottawa, Canada)
Nani Lamarque (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Celio Braga (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Lucas Simoes (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Andrew Salgado (London, England / Born in Canada)
Martin La Roche (Santiago, Chile)
Rodrigo Cienfuegos (Santiago, Chile)
Felipe Bracelis (Santiago, Chile)
James Huctwith (Toronto, Canada)
Juan Carlos Noria (Barcelona, Spain / Born in Canada)
Martin Douville (Montreal, Canada)
Ashkan Honarvar (Amsterdam, / Born in Iran)
Scooter LaForge (New York, USA)
Francisco Navarrete Sitja (Santiago, Chile)
Hayden Menzies (Toronto, Canada)

For more information please visit:

Las Ultimas Noticias / YESSR4 Flesh Garden

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El día lunes es mi turno de montar dentro del espacio físico de la Cátedra Domingo Sanchez Blanco, una espacie de update, o mas bien una transformación de aquello montado hace unas semanas en Espacio Pata Negra, espacio que por lo demás ha sido cerrado... creo que mucho pico y mucho hoyo para los comensales de la galeria/restaurante de Providencia... Suerte que monte primero, de lo contrario dudo haber tenido el chance de exponer allí.
Ahora, este nuevo Espacio Fassman tiene la gracia que esta inserto dentro del taller, una esquina/galeria, pared/galeria, la galeria del masturbatorio.
Aquí mostrare una segunda forma de materializar mis uber exhibidos Frat Origamis, que en un comienzo fueron proyecciones, luego calcomanias en los muros de Pata Negra, y ahora impresiones en papel vegetal para Fassman (con marcos de madera reciclada)... De esta manera creo que mi pensamiento ambientalista se integra en mis procesos de montaje, sin intervenir en el discurso de mi obra. Veremos como resulta esto...

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Working Probono

Mahieddine Bachtarzi is a very interesting individual, who is the founder
and director of Le Gros Monsieur, a hand made fanzine with a ton of
Mahieddine sends his work to a bunch of people, from his residence in
France, to pretty much anywhere in the world, and a lot of times for

More from him @

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Lanzamiento YESSR Magazine Volumen 1

“NO HAY CUERPO SIN FICCIÓN: Laboratorio de disidencia sexual en el puerto”, 26 y 27 de Agosto en Espacio Submora de Valparaíso

Lanzamiento primer volumen YESSR Magazine. El proyecto YESSR busca generar instancias multidisciplinares de exposición para temáticas socialmente disidentes. Se realizará una exposición con obras seleccionadas de las pasadas instancias YESSR1, YESSR2 y la reciente exposición YESSR3 por/desde un paisaje relevante. La revista estará a la venta a un precio exclusivo durante este lanzamiento, que será musicalizado por Chicosnob.


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Blast from the past!

Searching through my old Cds I found work from when I was 16... kinda of like the overuse of photoshop hahaha.

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Sala Jorge Muller

Felipe Rivas San Martin, "Diga queer con la lengua afuera"
Felipe Bracelis, "Sebastian 19:54"

Parte del tercer circuito disidencia sexual "No Hay Respeto", Santiago de Chile.

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YESSR Magazine volume 1 is out !

visit this link to get a exclusive preview:

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When artistic creation becomes a transversal element in your life you start to see things from a different perspective.
Along with our continuous trips to the nearest hill, we have revisited certain spots of this landscape on various occasions.
A gigantic Boldo tree stands as our referential point since it is right in the middle section marking half way to the top; never the less, we have always climbed up to that point and not further.
I've selected a few shots of this place in an attempt to recreate it from different perspectives.
Details can give the viewer certain information about patterns in this scale. Stone, moss and soil have an enormous diversity of colours and shades.
Different scales and different points of view tell the viewer much about the general mood of our beloved hill...